August 4th – Excelsior Holistic School’s Key Communicator #spokane #blendedlearning

Dear Key Communicators,

After gathering input from our stakeholders, working with our partners, and listening closely to the science around Covid-19 we plan to start the year in a blended on campus and remote learning environment. Our Excelsior students have been sorted into A or B groups and will rotate on campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays and will be in full remote continuous learning on Monday and Fridays. We will be contacting each parent soon to let them know which group their child has been assigned and how the rotation will work.

When on campus students will be in classrooms of about 5 students and have the opportunity throughout the day to engage in therapeutic activities that they might not have in a fully remote environment. Also, parents who want to keep their child in a fully remote learning environment will have that option as well, through our web-based Odysseyware software and daily Zoom classrooms. Parents who choose to be fully remote will be issued a laptop if needed and/or be given learning packets to ensure students continue to make progress on their grade level learning standards and individual education plans.

Tele-health & tele-counseling will also be available five days a week to all Excelsior students. Excelsior Wellness Center has an M.D. (medical doctor) on staff and will be available for students and their families for rapid health related support. Our Excelsior Wise team and team of therapist and care coordinators are also available to our Excelsior students.

We believe the mental health issues that come as a result of isolation, lack of socialization and lack of engagement are significant and we want to make sure we are leaning into our students and their families during these challenging times.

Lastly, both students and staff will be screened closely when they arrive at the Excelsior campus during their scheduled days this school year. Temperature checks, health questions, social distancing, and face masks will be required for everyone this school year. If and when Covid-19 numbers begin to go up or down in our city, region and state we will be ready to shift into the different schedules I shared with you in the last key communicator bulletin.

Keep the FAITH! I’m super excited see about the upcoming school year! {C:

Aaron D. Chavez M.Ed

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